My name is Andrew Mackie.

I shake things up. I’m an example of what Scott Belsky calls a Free Radical. I can walk into almost any situation, identify what is broken and use my broad base of experience to identify multiple solutions. This makes me unwelcome to people who want to maintain the status quo but for the subset of people who genuinely want change, my input can electrify their project, startup or business. If you need a new spark, please contact me to discuss a short-term consulting engagement.

I code. To increase my capacity to solve problems, I learned to code with Python, SQLAlchemy, PostgreSQL, Javascript, VueJS and other technologies. I can code web apps, scrape the web, process images, insert content into WordPress, automate tasks with scripts and work out how to solve almost any other kind of problem. If you need your problem solved with code, please contact me to discuss a short-term programming gig.

I create images. I have worked as a commercial photographer, have created vector graphics (such as logos) for fifteen years and am now learning to sketch and paint in watercolour. If you need new imagery, please contact me to discuss your needs.

I’m a Christian. I’ve followed Jesus all my life but until 2009 I was too busy chasing money and status to give God the priority He deserved. I found freedom in Jesus’ promise in Matthew 6:24-34 – that if I serve God and other people (‘seek first His kingdom and his righteousness’) I can trust God to meet my needs. Since then I’ve been able to focus on purpose-driven (rather than profit-driven) projects and worry less about money and status.