Persuading Led Zeppelin

Wanting to use Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song in the movie School Of Rock, director Richard Linklater cunningly asked Jack Black to beg them:

As discussed in Influence – The psychology of persuasion, Jack used three of the six weapons of influence to greatly enhance his chance of success:

Liking – Jack used this in spades with both humour and genuine respect,

Reciprocation – in the sense that they went to so much trouble – going to some trouble (in allowing them to use the song) is to be reciprocated, and

Social Proof – 1,000 people screaming – it’s not just Jack who wants this, it’s everyone in the theatre.

Liking is my favourite weapon of influence. Not only am I more likely to get what I need, the person I’m dealing with is more likely to enjoy their day. It’s based on mutuality, the bedrock of long-term business.