Logos Bible Software

Someone recommended Logos Bible Software on Facebook recently and last night I bought it. And it’s fantastic. 

Basically it’s an electronic archive of hundreds or thousands of books (the number depends on which package you buy – I got the Bible Study (green) package which has over 300 resources). Included are different translations of the bible (including interlinear bibles which show the original greek and hebrew words and their definitions), commentaries, study guides, history resources, bible reference books, bible introductions, maps and images … it just keeps going.

Even better are the search, browsing, reporting and display options – hover on any link and the appropriate text is instantly viewable, click on it and multiple tabs can be opened with different bibles or resources, several translations can be compared at once, reports shown on matching words and a lot more – it does more than I could have possible imagined. Now I can access hundreds of valuable books in just a few seconds – books that I’d never otherwise buy, let alone take the time to open and read. 

And those of you with iPhones, you can access this all of your content from the Logos website on the fly and for free – brilliant.

So I’m looking forward to being a lot more rigorous in my personal study of the bible, on this blog and in any bible studies I lead, and I hope that’s of benefit to you.

Finally, the software is 25% off until the end of January – if you can afford it (prices start at USD149 less the discount), I recommend it highly. Visit www.logos.com to learn more.