My name is Andrew Mackie.

I solve problems. I’m an example of what Scott Belsky calls a Free Radical. I can understand the underlying structure of problems and use my broad base of experience to identify solutions.

I code. I use Python, SQLAlchemy, PostgreSQL, Javascript, VueJS and other technologies to create web apps, scrape the web, process data … whatever is needed to solve a problem.

I create images. I’ve worked as a commercial photographer, I create vector graphics and am getting better at sketching and painting in watercolour.

I’m a Christian. I’ve followed Jesus all my life but until 2009 I was too busy chasing money and status to give God the priority He deserved. I found freedom in Jesus’ promise in Matthew 6:24-34 and now focus on purpose-driven (rather than profit-driven) projects.

I have ADHD. I was diagnosed with ADHD at the end of 2021. What I have learnt might help you or someone you care about.