Storytelling is a method of creating an emotional connection between you and consumers, one that bypasses the filters that protect them from the noise and clutter of modern life. It works because it replicates how friends communicate – through stories rather than the transfer of facts and figures.

Consider Honda, who wanted to convey their commitment to and success in achieving their impossible dreams. They could have tried listing their achievements or spouting figures but they created this masterpiece instead:

You ‘ve just willingly participated in a Honda history lesson, spanning 50 years and highlighting 12 of their most significant vehicles and motor sport achievements. Honda paid you to educate yourself about their passion & products by offering Andy Williams ‘ compelling narrative (the song), the filmic visuals of stunning Kiwi scenery and allowing you to vicariously enjoy the character’s Honda-derived pleasure.

Here’s the current Australian campaign for Nestle Diet yogurt:

Nestle have reinforced their ‘No unexpected calories’ tagline for Diet yogurt by using the familiar metaphors of a courier & female friends conversing, playfully but directly attacking other ‘light ‘ snacks, reminding women of their thighs and showing Kate ‘s confidence & blissful ignorance in eating Diet yogurt. You were paid to educate yourself on Diet yogurt with humour that ‘s still funny after multiple viewings.

Renault have a different take on vehicle safety:

You ‘ve just been shown multiple full frontal, offset frontal and side impact collisions for eight models in their range and seen each of the passenger safety cells remain intact. Normal crash testing images are of manikins hitting concrete barriers in strangely painted cars and are as interesting as watching paint dry. By using the metaphor of a ballet, simple but beautiful visuals, playful music and a large dose of the unexpected (how many car ads have you seen where the cars are crashed?) you were pleased to educate yourself that Renault have the safest car range ever, with 8 models achieving a 5 star NCAP rating.

Then there ‘s Jim Beam (small town nostalgia), Apple (versus PC), Mainland cheese (farmers who take life at a gentle pace), Bud Light (male rituals) – the list goes on and on.

Of course, you don ‘t need to invest in an expensive television commercial to tell stories. Where possible you should tell your story – one that is truthful to you & your products and is meaningful to your target audience – consistently in every customer-facing interaction.