The Lexham English Bible

Logos have just released The Lexham English Bible (LEB) which will be very helpful to any Christian seeking a deeper understanding of the New Testament.

The key benefit of the LEB is that it reveals the decisions made by translators in the bible text itself, allowing you to discern which of the text is (what the preface describes as) ‘a fairly literal translation’ of the original (NA27) Greek, and what are:

  • supplied words –  words that the translators added so that the Greek meaning made sense in English, and
  • idioms – phrases that are modified for English meaning (as a literal translation of the Greek would make no sense to us).

In other words, the LEB helps English speakers like you and I get one step closer to the original Greek, rather than be susceptible to any translator’s bias. Logos call it ‘your second bible’, intended to support your understanding of your primary translation – NIV, ESV, etc – and I look forward to using it in this way.

Best of all, the LEB is made available under a very generous license and is available as a free download.